I'm Back and Noticed alot of things of our server

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I'm Back and Noticed alot of things of our server

Post by [Forum Assitance]Airlaw on Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:14 am

*1st thing I noticed that on morning & afternoon server in Philippines there's no GM around that can jail all the spammers and Hackers in Ardeca.
* Secondly we need to help our server to be on top, be matured players and be good to everyone.
* Third things we are still waiting for the big updates in the server, so many fake GM's who's scammed all the newbie players or old players will wash out in our server. ( It was a bad side that people do the bad things tsk2x)
* Fourth I'm glad because only our server had always a event. But we need a GM pinoy's who can roam around if other GM is not On. I think you should here you can discipline the Spammers and Hackers.
* Fifth there's alot of bug in our server but the team will do something for it.

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