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Leveling guide for newbies :3 Empty Leveling guide for newbies :3

Post by Xeui on Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:47 pm

Hello everyone, I would like to share a good way to level up fast (It worked for me).

1st. First, of course, is to create your character. I recommend an Incar Magician at first as they are good for farming even without good gears. Also keep in mind that you should use a name that is easy to read and understand as they'll help you in the future when buying/selling something.

2nd. Next, go outside of Ardeca and kill some spiders. That'll get you at least 12 levels and plenty of stats.

3rd. Place all the stat points you've earned in Heal. This is important as you'll need a bit of HP to get to the Ticket Area (Mobs there do cleaving attacks). The teleporter to the Ticket Area is located at the middle of Ardeca named Manselana.

4th. Now here's the tricky part, ask around some of the players in the Ticket Area to let you join their party. There are lots of good players over there that help lowbies to level up quickly. It also helps to say that you only need experience and you would not take the Tickets that drop from the monsters.

5th. After a few minutes of leveling in the Ticket Area, you should be able to reach level 200, now you could stay in the party and keep on leveling or you could head for the Draviss Field at the teleporter south of Ardeca (Note that you should at least upgrade your weapon and if possible, buy the +7 set at Ardeca for 15m).

6th. Allocate your stat points. I recommend going for a Heal-type build to increase HP and Defense, but you could also go for a Spr-type build for fast kills (Be careful though). Personally I go for 35 Str, 1500 Heal and the rest in Spr for leveling purposes.

Stat Build Summary: 35 Str (For Wand type)/86 Str (For Staff type) , 1500 Heal and place the rest on Spr.
Skill Build Summary:  Max every mastery available. (Energy, Fire, Ice and Lightning).
                            Max every buff skills. (Neon Bless, Mind Bless, Seize Nimbus, the book thingy buff, the mana buff and the transup buff).
                            Max the following skills. In the first tab, Aqua Circle. In the second tab, the volcano thingy, the second to the last skill I think. In the third tab, Freezing Spirit and Gracious Eddy (You could also get Frost Nova if you can). In the fourth tab, Imitid Flash, Transfer Lightning and Deformity (These will be your main killing skills). In the last tab, max all available skills (Gravity Ruin is optional though).

7th. If you choose to go to the Draviss Field, you can (And you should) pick up 180 weapons and 220 set items. I recommend in taking time to loot the set parts as they could be a DN item.

8th. At level 220, teleport to Draviss Under (Use the same teleporter as above). There should be a bunch of wolves there at the entrance. You could easily kill them with an Imitid Flash, Deformity and Transfer Lightning Combo. If that doesn't finish them off, throw in Aqua Circle and Gracious Eddy. Btw, you can also use this place to farm a little bit of dils.

9th. At 230, you can go to either Sacred Claw or Ruins of Baz (They have the same type of mobs). Items that drop here are 220 set items, argates and most importantly the RARE FLOWERS (Also called RFs ingame). Here, you can go straight to 250 on your own just remember to keep on spamming Imitid Flash and Deformity.

10th. Pat yourself in the back because your now at LEVEL 250. WOOO HOOO !

And, that's all folks :3 Oh yeah, sometimes our very generous Game Masters host an Exp Event. If that happens, drop everything, follow the Game Masters designated location, party up and watch your level max out in a few minutes.

PS: Sorry for typos as I'm just using a tablet in writing this guide. Good luck to newbies and happy hunting!

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