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My [GM] Application Empty My [GM] Application

Post by Castigo on Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:54 am

Name: Ariel Acorin

Age: 20

Country: Philippines

Position: Game Master [GM]

Can You Awnser Questions in Game Correctly : Ofcourse

Why you want to be in the staff : I want to help the server like advertising the server and check all maps to see if there is a hacker or none..

What will We Expect from you : I will go online 8hours a day and be loyal to egdekaron server

Will you be Legit and Not spawn your alt Char Items : No, Iwont do that, Coz i like to do hardwork. .

If a player is spamming in a Map what will you do : 1st tell him not to spawn, 2nd warn, 3rd put to jail. .

If a player is Hacking what will you do: post it on youtube to see the proof then ban. .

If a player is Scamming what will you do : It depends on a situation if he/she give his/her account just like to lvl, i wont be consider as scam, because it is the owners fault why he/she gives his/her account just for lvling. .

Language You Speak : Tagalog, English

Skype : lShutDFuckUpl

Previous Experience : ive been former gm in EG, and former MOD in thunder dekaron. . .

Other information about you : im a Athlete and music lover Smile


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My [GM] Application Empty Re: My [GM] Application

Post by CocaCola on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:25 pm

#Rejected by Reflex


My [GM] Application Odp7
Don't hack, don't spam, don't scam, don't be assholes!

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