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Application for MOD Empty Application for MOD

Post by RangeArchers on Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:26 am

Name: Jay Jay Suarez (SharpShooter Hunter - FB)

Age: 33

Country: Philippines

Position: {MOD}

Can You Awnser Questions in Game Correctly :  Of course, yes.

Why you want to be in the staff :  I want to be in the staff purposely to help the server be active, helping, teaching and giving solutions of the players concerns. To give morale and support for the players like doing events, guiding on how and what to do in improving and leveling their chars (IGN's) and want all the players know each other in this server.

What will We Expect from you : This server expecting me for my daily presence on both forum and in game activities in order to answer and give immediate actions and solutions of the players concerns. And to establish good rapport between the staffs and players. Be friendly to the players and works as a team. Always communicate and cooperate each other.

Will you be Legit and Not spawn your alt Char Items : Nope for me, coz i want fair play here in the server. . .

If a player is spamming in a Map what will you do :  If players spamming in a map, i will talk it first and knowing their explanations and reasons why they will spamming. I will warning them and advise to not doing it again. . . If they doing it again, i will jail (1 day initial) them as their moral lesson. . .

If a player is Hacking what will you do: For me, i will make a proof as my evidence like screenshots and videos of the players who's doing hack. Said evidences was endorsed and forwardly to the admins and let them decide or investigate on what punishments be made given and may occur.

If a player is Scamming what will you do :  For scamming situations, make SS and videos as my basis and reference. I will talk to the scammed players if truly scammed or not. And also knowing what items was scammed.

Language You Speak : English and Tagalog

Skype : benchjay79

Previous Experience :  I was previously a staff members (MOD) on the other servers for almost 2 years.

Other information about you : Im friendly, still single and self-employed person. I will playing dekaron games from 2007 - to present. More info's on my whereabouts at my fb page...

Proposed IGN: RangeArchers (S. Hunter)
                   Lavander (Segnale)


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Application for MOD Empty Re: Application for MOD

Post by CocaCola on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:39 pm

#Rejected by Reflex


Application for MOD Odp7
Don't hack, don't spam, don't scam, don't be assholes!

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