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Suggestions. Check this out!

Post by DeadlyBuffer on Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:36 am

First of all, I would like to thanks the one who hosted the Video Event and that is the Owner of this game [Owner]Victorios and because of that I visited the forum again yesterday and saw something (for me) were missing in this forum . This will be my suggestions:

Forum Suggestion:
I would like to suggest another Section in this forum and the name of that section will be "Suggestions" and inside that section there will be Sub-sections like "Event Suggestions", "In-game Suggestions", "Forum Suggestions" and "Etc (like Website Suggestions, Vote Reward Suggestions and others)" where other players, like me, will post their suggestions Thread in this sub-sections not in General Discussions.

In-game Suggestion:
How about balancing the Rare Flowers and Tickets? For example, add another items (or change exiting items) that needs a Rare Flowers to acquired or something  like this "you need 5k Tickets and 5k Rare Flowers to acquired this item or something like that" , I know there are lots in-game that required Rare Flowers (5% and 10%Gems) but the 10% CD is the only one that worth for me. The price of Rare Flowers since the released of New Weapons, New Helmets and the removal of Ticket Map 2 decreased dramatically and its even hard to sold out. I am worried for the New Comers since there are lots of Players who loves Killing in Ticket Map 1 they can't have a chance to hunt Tickets but, maybe in the events they have a chance if they are lucky but if they loved farming RF then it will take so long to have new weapons and helmets since 3k RF = 800-1k Tickets, they will need around 27-35k RF to acquire the Blood Dragon Weapon and another 25-30k RF for the new Helmets, that will be a long process for them, I hope they will not get tired in farming. Lucky for me I got enough tickets before the removal of Ticket Map 2.

Well, that are only suggestions and that are only my personal point of view, but it will be great if one of this will be implemented.

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