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Post by deathstar on Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:20 am

Okay since i did not see a suggestion box in the forums imma gonna post it here Smile

well i would suggest gm's/staff's will host daily events to liven things up XD(well don't know if they do cuz ive only been here like 2-4 days)

just some small events like q&a,give me what i want,h&s(well this was fun with the bagi who hosted it yesterday forgot his name)with search & destroy(well was fun looking around draco desert but killing a gm is kinda out of league for the newbies(like me)), and some other fun, lms events are kewl tho and fun too..

and also i see a lot of people ingame but only a few that are active in forums, would suggest that to make a forum event or sumtin like video makin, banner,logo etc. (makes the gfx staff work easy tho but it looks fun tho that a lot of player are active and all) and also to advertise the forum ingame so that they would be active cuz some players doesn't even know about the forums or sumthin(well this would be kinda impossible but just "Maybe?")

and err one more thing some players doesn't even bother voting, u gotta do sumthin bout this XD well i see that its in the top 10 but well "all is well" (lol random thought)

err forgot the things i have to suggest err thats all thanks for readin'

feel free to correct me (Im just suggestin') Haters go go lol hehe peace!


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