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Post by xxHANFxx on Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:13 pm

Name:  IGN: xxHANFxx   Realname : Nico Koch

Age:  I'm 18 years Old.

Country: I live in Germany

Position: I want to be GM/ Event GM

Can You Awnser Questions in Game Correctly :  I can almost answere to all questions , but i have first to learn all the changed things on this server.

Why you want to be in the staff : My expertise on dealing with problems without being biased and my ability to stay professional.My experience as a professional GM and my game knowledge as
I have played Dekaron since BETA testing. I can also help bring more life to server with events that I have in mind as
well as ideas to help this server improve. I can help attract more people to play this server through a series of
marketing campaign as well as ensure that this server stays professional. As long as I am given the power to I can
help better manage this server and turn it to a better one. Of course this requires the server admins trust as well
as the community. I am dedicated to improve player's experience and I will definitely try hard to improve the
server from its current state.I will help each player, watching for hackers and be professional Staff member.Im a Loyal Guy.

What will We Expect from you : I will be most as i can be active and loyal. I dont give items or anything to my friends and ban without any reason.

Will you be Legit and Not spawn your alt Char Items : Yes I wont spawn my own chars or for friends chars Items!

If a player is spamming in a Map what will you do :   I will tell him to stop some times friendly and than if he don't stop i follow the Rules wich you made.

If a player is Hacking what will you do: I will fraps it and jail the player !

If a player is Scamming what will you do : I only can help the scammed player if he got Proofs and i dont know yet how we handle with scammer!

Language You Speak : I speak German and English.

Skype : nicokoch23

Previous Experience : Yes i got 4 Years Game Master experience. I was on many servers GM and i know the most.I had even my own Private Server so i know the most.Maybe here are some more Commands but i will learn it very fast.

Other information about you :My Real name is Nico Koch. Im from Germany and im 18 years Old.I'm going soon to the Computer university in Germany. I will study there for 4 years.
I am a friendly person, I separate work with relationship and I enjoy sports. As well as sports as my hobby and running a
business I also enjoy playing games, I consider myself as a hardcore gamer and know what gamers are looking for.I got 5 Years computer knowledge and i know the most problems to fix.
I am an ambitious type and try always to make everything perfect.I try to help everyone and if I do not know I'm looking for someone who can help him.My English is pretty good.For more questions
can you add me at skype (nicokoch23) or send me a private message and i'll keep back to you.

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Post by CocaCola on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:22 pm

#Rejected by Reflex


GM Application  Odp7
Don't hack, don't spam, don't scam, don't be assholes!

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