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Post by Atthena on Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:28 am

Name: Jessa Mae Gonzales

Age: 22

Country: Philippines, Current CANADA.

Position: [GM] or Event GM

Can You Awnser Questions in Game Correctly : I have a lot of experience, so I can answer in game correctly and a big (YES) to it.

Why you want to be in the staff : At First, I want to grow our SERVER,and Invite more players to play here , and as it was before with so many players online each day, many donators wanted to donate. by the time comes. when Hackers ruined the server, I got discourage playing, and even GM before can't managed all the hackers, so now If you give me a chance to be one of the GM. I will probably hunt those hackers and banned them. ( I hate hackers)

What will We Expect from you : Honesty,helpful and can answer a player's question, have a good communication with the Co-Staff and mostly to players, MORE time in monitoring the server. (about Hackers) can online 8-10 hours a day and Loyalness.

Will you be Legit and Not spawn your alt Char Items : Yes, and definitely sure. (I'm Fair to all)

If a player is spamming in a Map what will you do : First I will warn the player who spam to stop spamming, Second ( If a player won't listen) He will get in jail considering the rules of our server.

If a player is Hacking what will you do: Thats the thing I hate the most about (HACKERS) This cause the server will downed. If I saw anyone hacking, I will assure to him/her .
that he will get banned right away (ASAP) and even you are my Co-GM and I see you hacking then you will get bann too. concerning with our EG-Return Owner with a proof.
First- Account Banned

If a player is Scamming what will you do : I need a proof either Sceenshot/Videos. and I need a report from a player (Victim) and as a GM rule before No report means No action.

Language You Speak : I can Speak and understand English well.

Skype : I don't have Skype Account, due of lacking PC Cam in our house, but I have my Facebook account, If you need to have contact with me. just message me here in forum so that I can give you my Email-Add. So sorry, I can't post here my FB-Account due of Friend request Spamm.

Previous Experience : I been playing 2moons since it started and EG-Dekaron (eterniaGames)2years.after EG server downed, I played and have an experience being a GM in MuLegend and LevelUpMU.
Played Core-Dekaron for 1 year, and when I heard that EG dekaron return. I left all other server just to play here again . Smile I love this server since it was.
Other information about you :Hi this is Jessa Mae Gonzales from phil but I stayed here in Canada, You can call me shortly as Jezz, I am friendly,Well I can prove you that I can speak english Smile I am 22years of age, single and I been playing Dekaron since 2 moons and EG before and a Pro-Onliner 8-10 hours a Day. GODBLESS, more health and more power ! Smile
Long live EG-Return Staff.


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Atthena GM Application Empty Re: Atthena GM Application

Post by CocaCola on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:34 pm

#Rejected by Reflex


Atthena GM Application Odp7
Don't hack, don't spam, don't scam, don't be assholes!

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